How can I manually transfer specific emails to a different email account?

Please note: this information is for manually transferring emails to a different account.

If you would like to set up automatic forwarding of all emails to a personal email account, please follow the instructions in the FAQ How do I forward my Outlook student email to a personal address?


  1. Create a 'New Message'. 



  1. From your Inbox, select and tick the emails you wish to transfer. 




  • To attach an entire folder, select and tick the folder heading. 


  1. Once selected, you will be presented with this option screen pictured below. Please navigate to the bottom of the page to open up the new blank message draft.


  1. Drag the selected messages over to the main body of the email under ‘Drop Message here'.



  1. This will then save the messages as email attachments to be sent to a different email address. 


Please note: the maximum file size for email attachment is 20MB.

  1. Log in and view the message from the different email address.
  2. Click on ‘Download All’ or ‘Save all the OneDrive’, so the email information is saved and available to view from your own device/email account



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