How can I find information on companies I would like to work for?

Finding out about prospective companies before applying for jobs can be beneficial as it shows you have spent time researching who you want to work for and know about the company.

Researching prospective companies prior to applying for a role with them, and particularly before attending an interview, it crucial. Not only does it indicate that you have taken the time to research the company, it’s values and [something], you have the opportunity to explore if the company is the right fit for you and somewhere you would enjoy working.

Below are the key subscription resources available to current students containing company data including market research reports, brand identity, ranking and financial information. Sometimes your company won't be listed, but you can still find out about key issues affecting the sector, just type a company name or industry into the search boxes to see what information is available:

You might also find it useful to check out the Working in Leeds pages on MyHub for more information about the local labour market, as well as searching for employers who have actively worked with us to raise their profile with Leeds Beckett students and graduates.

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