How do I send my documents to print on a University device?

You can send documents to print from any PC on campus - such as The Library or Student Hub. You need credit on your Campus Card to print, scan or copy.

  1. Log in to any standard on campus PC
  2. Open the document to print, then select File > Print
  3. Select SafecomPullPrinter as the printer and click Print

Safecom PullPrinter


All documents will automatically print in black & white and double-sided, unless you change the Printer Properties.

 The Printer Properties link is underneath the SafecomPullPrinter option.


If you want to print from your own device instead of one of our PCs, please see our guide on how to print from your own device.


Make sure your printing and photocopying complies with copyright legislation or the CLA Licence

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