How do I use my USB storage device?

Follow these steps to use your USB storage device safely:

  1. Insert your USB device into a USB port on your PC
  2. Go into File Explorer and navigate to My PC – your device will be under Devices and Drivers, shown as USB (F:) (it is also shown on the left-hand side of your File Explorer)
  3. Double-click on USB (F:) to open it, and open and edit documents as you usually would on your PC.


When you are finished, you need to make sure to properly eject your USB from the PC before removing the USB device. If you do not you may lose all your data by corrupting the USB device. You can safely eject your USB device in two ways:

  1. Right-click on your USB (F:) icon in File Explorer and select eject. You know this will be done when it disappears from your File Explorer.
  2. Alternatively, in the bottom-right of the screen you can find an icon that looks like a USB stick (you may need to click on the up arrow to see it). Click on this and select “Eject mass storage”.

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