How do staff request temporary IDs?

If a visitor, such as a guest lecturer, requires access to our network, staff can request a temporary ID. These are usually available for either 1 day, 3 days or a week.

If you require temporary access to the University network – on either campus  – the Library Advice and IT Support team can issue temporary logins. To request these, please email LLI LASS Team City (, specifying:

  • The number of logins you require
  • The exact start and finish dates to allow us to set up IDs for the most appropriate length of time
  • The reason for the request (e.g. placement student, visiting lecturer, etc.)

If possible, request temp IDs no more than 1 week before the date they will be required.

Please remember that the temporary logins you request are your responsibility and you should ensure that all visitors using them are aware of our IT Security Policies.

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