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Microsoft Word - Referencing feature

Best for beginners – no technical knowledge required, this built in Word feature is so easy to use. It helps you to learn referencing features; for example it tells you what information you should include, and it makes a bibliography for you!

Using Word to write your assignment? When you need to reference something just click the Reference tab, Add Citation, fill in the form for the resource (book, website) and it sorts out the citation and bibliography for you.

You can’t save PDFs here so you will still need to be careful with your memory stick; it is very simple but it works well!

In Word – References tab, choose Style: Harvard.

Watch this YouTube video: How to use Word for Referencing


Best for anyone with a little bit of experience with referencing right through to PhD students. This product is free and easy to use. It saves PDFs automatically, works well with our Library databases, and integrates with Word.

Free, Online storage up to 2GB. Additional storage available.

Works on any device, any platform. You download the Desktop app which gives you the Word plug-in so you can write your assignment and cite anything in your Mendeley library using Cite-o-matic. Mendeley captures PDFs straight from the screen. In Word – Cite-o-matic tab choose Style: Harvard.

Watch the YouTube video: Getting Started with Mendeley


PhD students. Complicated to use to begin with, but powerful enough to manage 100s of references.

EndNote Web: Free online via Databases A-Z. Accessible everywhere. The web version is freely available, simply use the desktop log in details, or Register online using your University email address here My EndNote Web.

EndNote Desktop: On all PCs on campus. To install on your own PC please email library@leedsbeckett.ac.uk

In Word - EndNote tab - choose Style: Harvard LeedsBeckett. (This style is available to download - please see this FAQ).

Watch this Webex for an in depth overview: 


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