How can I set up the Referencing tool in Microsoft Word?

Microsoft Word has a built-in referencing feature that allows you to fill in a form for any resource (book, article, website etc.) so that you can collect all the information you need in a reference. The tool can then generate a citation (in your essay) and a bibliography (a list of your references at the end of your essay).

See your module handbook for the requirements for your assignment and Quote, Unquote for the standard Leeds Beckett referencing guidelines.

To set the referencing tool up:

  1. Open Word and click on References on the ribbon menu along the top.

Word ribbon menu with References tab highlighted



  1. Locate the section called Citations & Bibliography.

Citations & Bibliography section of References tab



  1. On the Style menu use the drop-down menu and select Harvard – Anglia.

Style menu drop-down box with Harvard style highlighted


Take care to choose the correct style, as Leeds Beckett Harvard, APA and OSCOLA are used by different Schools at Leeds Beckett University.

Note that Harvard Anglia (the version of Harvard offered by Word) is slightly different from Leeds Beckett Harvard. If using it in Word, you should check your references against the Leeds Beckett-specific guidance in Quote, Unquote, to ensure you don't lose marks.

See How do I insert a citation using the Microsoft Word Referencing tool? for the next steps of adding your sources.

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