How do I submit a Qwickly Cloud Assignment?

Qwickly iconSubmit a Qwickly Cloud Assignment

Before you start - the recommended browser for using MyBeckett is Chrome.

We advise that you don't include any personal details within your submission, except for your username.

To submit a Qwickly Cloud Assignment:

  1. In your module, locate the Qwickly Cloud Assignment your tutor has set up. Your tutor can tell you where this is.
  2. When you've found it, click the assignment name to access it.
    Qwickly example assignment link
  3. You'll see the assignment details, including points possible and any instructions from your tutors.
  4. The option to attach a file is further down:
    • Option 1: If your file is saved on your computer...
      Click Browse My Computer to upload from your device. 
      Click Choose File to locate your assignment file and click OK.
      Computer icon
    • Option 2: If your file is saved on OneDrive...
      Click OneDrive to upload from your student OneDrive account.
      Click Upload File then Continue to browse and select your file.
      You'll be prompted to log in to your University OneDrive account in order to proceed.
      OneDrive icon
  5. Your file will appear next to the Choose File button, showing that it is attached.
  6. You can type additional comments in the Add Comments box if required.
  7. Click Submit. 
  8. When the file has finished uploading, the Please Wait message will disappear and you'll return to your MyBeckett module.

Can I check my Qwickly Cloud Assignment submission?

If your module instructors have enabled the Provisional Grades link in your module menu, you can click this to access assignment submissions that you have made within the module.

Provisional Grades

Here is an example of what a Qwickly Cloud Assignment will look like in Provisional Grades. It will show the assignment name to the left, and the date and time that you submitted on the right. If the assignment has not been marked, there will be a yellow circle with an exclamation mark symbol.

Example provisional grades entry

You can click the name of the assignment to view your uploaded submission.

Can I submit a different file before the due date?

This depends on the assignment settings that your module instructors have chosen. Please check your assignment instructions for more information.

If multiple attempts are allowed before the due date, click the name of the assignment and complete the steps listed above to submit a different file. 

If multiple attempts are not allowed, you will see a message that states you have already submitted the assignment.


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