How do I access a Microsoft Teams Meeting?

The following guide explains how you can access Microsoft Teams. 

There a couple of ways that you can be invited to a Teams meeting from your lecturer, via a link or within your module. 

Usually you can join a Teams meeting by clicking the link and viewing in the browser or you have the options to download the app to your device.  

Please Note: This guide was created using Chrome browser. We recommend that you use Chrome Browser for Microsoft Teams meetings and download the Teams desktop app for full functionality:

To access a Microsoft Teams meeting your lecturer will send you a meeting link via email or post the meeting link on your MyBeckett module. When you have the link click on it and you should see the options to join.

The quickest way to access the meeting is to click Cancel in the dialogue box which asks you whether you want to download (Download it once only). Or if you prefer not to download the app, click on Join on the web. You should then see the following screen:

Joining instructions for joining a Teams meeting


Rather than choosing the option to join the meeting now, click the sign in button at the very bottom of the screen, Look for the sentence... 'For a better experience sign in'.

The next screen should either log you into Teams with your student details or prompt you to log in.

It should automatically detect you have a student email but if you have another Microsoft account it may choose that instead, if so click use another account to login with your student email details.

Microsoft Pick an account login box


Once you have logged in, you should then be able click Join now and join the meeting on the next screen.

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