How do I join a Google Meet meeting room?

Step 1) Using the ‘Google Chrome’ web browser, follow the URL link provided by your tutor to access the online meeting. (e.g.

Step 2) If prompted, click 'Allow' to allow Google Meet to show notifications and to use your PC microphone:

Step 3) Enter your full name in the 'What's your name?' section and click 'Ask to join':

The meeting will open once your tutor allows you to enter.


Adjusting your audio setup

Step 4) You may have a separate microphone/speaker plugged in (i.e. a headset) or built-in ones in your PC/headphones, or both. If you need to switch to use a different microphone or speaker, you can do so by moving your mouse so that the menu bar appears along the bottom of the screen, then clicking on the three dots to the right, then on 'Settings':

Step 5) You will then be able to select a different speaker or microphone, then click on 'Done' to confirm the changes:

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