I am taking an online exam using Respondus LockDown Browser / Monitor, what does this mean?

Respondus LockDown Browser / Monitor are invigilation tools used in some online exams.

These tools limit specific actions that you can do using your computer during an online exam, such as browsing the internet and opening other software. Respondus Monitor requires a webcam to confirm your identity and allow for periodic monitoring while taking the exam.

This short video from Respondus provides an overview of these tools. After completing your online exam, the software is closed and your computer returns to its normal settings.

How do I know if I need to use Respondus LockDown Browser / Monitor for an online exam?

Please check the exam information that has been provided by your course team. If you are still unsure, your course team will be able to advise about specific exams.

Are there any technical requirements?

To use Respondus Lockdown Browser you will need a Windows PC/laptop or Mac, an internet connection, and a web browser e.g. Google Chrome. If you are advised that you are using Respondus Monitor, you will also need a webcam and microphone. 

How do I install Respondus Lockdown Browser?

You can install the Respondus software here. This link is specific to Leeds Beckett University. We recommend doing this well in advance of your online exam, so that you can seek technical support if you encounter any problems.

How do I test my webcam?

You can test your webcam at www.respondus.com/webcam

Guidance for error messages:

How do I increase / decrease the zoom level in Respondus Lockdown Browser?

If you want to change the zoom level whilst using Respondus Lockdown Browser, you can do so via the steps described in this guide:

Can I use a second monitor with Respondus Lockdown Browser?

No, the software does not allow for the use of a second monitor (it is blanked out by a blue rectangle).

Will other people in my household be able to access the internet whilst I am using Respondus Lockdown Browser?

Yes, other people in the house on other devices will still be able to access the internet. Where possible, we would advise asking others in the house to limit activities that take up bandwidth for the duration of the exam, such as downloading large files or streaming video.

Can I try out a mock exam using Respondus Lockdown Browser?

Your course team may be able to provide you with access to a mock exam so that you can test your set up.

What if I experience technical difficulties during my exam? 

Your course team will advise about who you can phone for support if you encounter technical issues during the exam. Please make a note of this number. At the end of the exam, you will be able to rate your experience using the software and there is a notes box to log any issues you encounter.

Can I access previously downloaded materials on my computer during the exam?

No, Respondus Lockdown Browser will prevent you from accessing files saved on your computer whilst you are taking the exam.


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