What tips should I follow when completing online exams?

If you are revising for an online exam or assessment our Library and Academic Support Team have some top tips:

  • Try to avoid working in spaces that may make you feel sleepy or easily distracted.
  • Use apps (like Cold Turkey) to block distracting websites and social media or get someone else to hide your phone while you study.
  • The Pomodoro technique for time management can help you focus, but allows time for plenty of breaks.
  • Check what revision support is available from your tutors, or maybe organise your own group via MS Teams.
  • Take practice exams if you can.
  • Create a timetable to take control of your workload and set SMART objectives to stay on track.

You can also come along to one of the Skills for Learning Academic Skills drop-ins or Study Cafes with your revision queries (book via MyHub). And one to one appointments are available with the team either online, by email or by phone. Just complete the “Get Help” form

For more tips on:

  • Revision
  • Being prepared
  • During the assessment or exam
  • Support and Wellbeing

See our blog post for tips to help you with completing assessments and exams.

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