How do I open an InPrivate (incognito) window on a PC using Microsoft Edge?

What is an InPrivate window on Edge?

An InPrivate window is a temporary browser session that will not store cookies, browsing history or search data after the session is ended.  It can be useful when you have two logins to the same website - such as a private and a student Outlook email address - as it will not remember the previous login details.  However, it does not hide your activity from your Internet Service Provider or Wifi networks you connect to.

In Chrome this feature is called an Incognito window, in Edge and Internet Explorer it is an InPrivate window, and in Firefox and Safari it is known as a Private window.

How do I open an InPrivate window on Edge?

Keyboard shortcut in Edge: CTRL-SHIFT-P

Alternatively, you can open an InPrivate window using the menu:

  1. Click on the Settings and more icon in the top right-hand corner of your browser.

  1. When you click this, the drop-down list pictured below will appear.


  1. On this list select, New InPrivate window.

  1. Once selected, your new InPrivate window will open.

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