How do I delete a Keychain from my Mac?

What is a Keychain?

Mac devices use an App call Keychain Access to store and manage passwords for things such as websites and applications. Password and username details are kept in individual keychains located within the Keychain Access app.

Why delete a Keychain? 

If you have updated your password and cannot log into an program or website then deleting the keychain for that specific item can resolve the issue. 

Clearing Keychain data from your Mac


  1. ​​If you want to remove saved username and password data from your Mac entirely, and not just Safari, then you will need to access your Keychain Access app.
  2. You can find Keychain Access from the Utilities Folder or by typing "Keychain Access" into Finder
  3. If Keychains are hidden please select View and then Show Keychains
  4. ​Search for the name of the website or program that you would like to delete the keychain for. 
  5. Right click on the website or program and then click Delete.

      Keychain access app on a Mac


  6. You will have to re-enter passwords for any websites or applications you have deleted your keychains for e.g. if you delete Eduroam keychains, you will need to reconnect to the Eduroam Wi-Fi.

    ​N.B This approach can be very useful if you have issues connecting to eduroam.​

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