How do I photocopy A3 pages?

You can either use the document feeder to copy clean uncrumpled A3 sheets, or you can scan the documents to copy them.

If using the flatbed scanner, follow these steps:

  1. Hold your Campus Card near the card reader panel on any printer
  2. When it beeps and your name appears press Copy.
  3. Place the original document (A3 sheet or opened book) on the glass bed, face down, flush to the top left corner. If you’re copying an open book, you may need to keep the lid up and press down on the spine of the book while scanning.
  4. If you need colour (and are using a colour printer!), tap Colour/Black and choose Colour.
  5. Press the Options button at the bottom left of the screen, tap Original Size and select A3 (297 x 420 mm) from the list.
    This may not be necessary if you are copying an A3 sheet, but is essential if your document is smaller than A3.
  6. Set the number of copies in the box next to the green copy button.
  7. You can preview the document before copying by selecting the blue Touch to Scan and Preview button first.
  8. Press the green on-screen Copy button to copy.

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