How do I photocopy using my own paper?

Before starting, please make sure that the material you are going to photocopy onto is suitable for use with laser printers. Most paper and card up to 199g/m2 will be suitable, but more specialist materials are often for use in inkjet printers only and could damage a laser printer. If you are unsure, or intend to use headed paper, please ask Library staff. 

  1. Hold your Campus Card near the Nuance panel on any printer. 

  1. When it beeps and your name appears press Copy.
  2. Place the original document on the glass bed, face down, portrait orientation, flush to the top left corner. 
  3. You can change the number of copies you need by altering the number in the box next to the green copy button. 
  4. Pull the manual feed tray down on the right hand side of the printer and place your printing materials in it (see image). 


  1. Press the green on-screen Copy button to copy the document. The printer should take your printing materials from the manual feed tray rather than from an internal tray. Please close the tray afterwards. 

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