Catalogue search tips

Here are some tips for searching on the Library catalogue:

  • In a words or phrase search do not use words like ‘the’ ‘and’ ‘a’ and ‘of’.
  • Check your spelling - is there a different way to spell the word e.g. organisation or organization. Use the wildcard symbol (?) for the unknown letter such as organi?ation. This will find both spellings of the word.
  • Try searching the first few words of the title rather than the whole title.
  • Click on the A Look Inside tab to get more information about the resource.
  • Clicking on the hyperlinked author’s name will show you more resources by the same author.
  • Once you have found a useful book on the shelves, browse the Nearby items on shelf or Find more on subject headings as they are likely to be on a similar topic.

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