How do I scan an image or page as a JPEG file?

Scanning to email will automatically send as a PDF file. This can be changed in the printer settings. 

A JPEG image is a good option if you need to email a photograph, single page form or certificate to someone, or insert an image or form into a Microsoft Word Document.

  1. Go to any printer and hold your Campus Card near the Nuance panel until it beeps. When your name appears on the screen, touch Scan to Email. 
  2. Place the image on the glass plate, face down, portrait orientation, flush to the top left corner. 
  3. At the bottom left of the touch screen, press the Options button. 
  4. Choose File Type and Resolutions and then select JPEG and your chosen resolution, then press Done.
  5. Touch the green Send button at the bottom right of the screen to perform the scan or you can touch to the blue Touch to Scan and Preview icon to see your scan first. 

Printer scan and preview screen

  1. If asked for the original size, A4 (210 x 297 mm), is usually the most appropriate. 
  2. Please select Clear if asked if you would like to retain your settings. 
  3. The printer will automatically send your scan as an attachment to your University email account, where you will find an email with the JPEG image file attached.

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