What is “Immersive Reader” and how do I use it?

What it does

Immersive Reader is a tool to assist with reading and comprehension. You can improve your focus on the text by changing font size and style, text and line spacing and background colour. These can all make documents easier to read. Immersive Reader can also read text aloud to you. Built in tools for identifying nouns, verbs and adjectives can also help with your grammar skills. There is also a built in dictionary. It can also translate the text into a wide range of languages.

How to use it

Immersive Reader is available in the desktop and online versions of Word, Outlook, Teams and OneNote. It is also available in the Edge browser where it will read web pages aloud. 

Instructions on how to use it are available on the following pages depending on which program you are using: 

Use Immersive Reader in Word

Use Immersive Reader for Outlook

Use Immersive Reader for OneNote

Use Immersive Reader in Microsoft Teams

Use Immersive Reader in the Edge browser

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