Do I need to book more than one Click & Collect appointment to collect my items?

  • If you have requested multiple items and they all show as available on your Library account by the date of your time slot booking then you do not need to book another appointment.
  • You will be able to collect all items together.
  • Please check your Library account to see if all items are showing as available.
  • If items are reserved at different times/dates then you will receive multiple email notifications.
  • Your time slot must be booked by the ‘due date’ of your initial reservations, as these will automatically be removed from your account on that date.
  • You have 7 days to collect items.
  • If you place further reservations on a different date they may not be processed in time for your initial booking slot.
  • If all items are out on loan to other users, a copy will be recalled but may not be returned and processed in time for your initial booking slot. 
  • Please allow time for items requested from another site to be delivered and processed.

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