How do I watch Stream videos offline?

Unfortunately, Microsoft Stream does not allow you to download videos to watch offline on a PC or Mac. However, the Stream App for Android and Apple does allow you to watch videos offline. As the app will show you all publicly available videos the instructions below show you how to add a video to your watchlist to make it easier to find and watch videos through the app.

Open the Office 365 portal, we always recommend you do this through MyBeckett.

  • Click on the Stream icon on the left hand menu.
  • Click the 'Discover' drop down menu and choose 'People'

  • Search for the owner of the video.
  • Click on the owners tile.

  • Find the video you want to watch offline and click on the 'Add to watchlist icon'.

You should now open the Stream App on your device.

  • Click on My Content (this is on the bottom menu bar).
  • Press the 3 dots next to the video you want to watch offline.
  • Press 'Make available offline'.

Once the download is complete your video will be available to watch offline.

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