What tips should I follow when creating online videos?

Orientation: If you are recording your video using a mobile phone, turn it on its side before you start filming so that your video is landscape, not portrait.

Lighting: Natural light usually produces the clearest video quality, so try to face your video subject towards a window (if you are filming indoors). Just don't film with a window or light source behind them, as this will create a silhouette.

Sound: If possible, try to find a quiet place to record your video so that you can reduce background noise that might detract from your content.

Zoom: Try to avoid using the zoom tool whilst recording your video. If you zoom in too far, this can result in pixellation and graininess.

Effects: Don't overuse effects such as slow motion, transitions, filters and stickers. Only include these if appropriate to your content.

See our blog post for tips to follow if you need to create a video as part of your assessment.

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