Social Work - How do I share my work with my Practice Educator in PebblePad?

PebblePad allows you to share an Asset as a web link, so that you may send your Asset to someone who doesn't have a PebblePad account (or access to the system). You can also turn on the ability for someone to comment on your Asset when they view it.

To share an Asset as a web link:

1) From your PebblePad home screen, go to your Asset Store and open the Asset you wish to share as a link.


2) Click on the 'I want to...' button in the top right and then click 'Share':

'I want to' dialogue box showing options: copy, share, tag, print


3) Next, click on With the Web:


4) Tick the box next to 'Allow viewer to leave a comment' to allow people who open your link to leave a comment:

Make sure you also leave 'Hide from search engines' ticked, as this ensures your Asset can only be accessed by people with the link.


5) Click on 'Share asset'You will now be given a web link which you can send to anyone you want to view your Asset. Click on 'Copy this URL' to copy the link to your clipboard:


6) If the person you are sending your link to does need to leave a comment, they can do so by opening your link and clicking on the comment icon, which is a speech bubble to the right of the page:


Unsharing your Asset

You may wish to remove your web link at a later date. To do this:

1) From your PebblePad home screen, go to your Asset Store.

2) Locate your Asset that you shared, then click on the 'Shared to web' icon, which looks like a web browser with the word 'Yes' next to it:


3) A panel will now appear to the right. In this panel, locate the section entitled 'Shares' and you will see your web share listed:


4) Click on the trash can icon next to the share to remove it. You will need to confirm you wish to do this to fully remove the share.

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