Why can't I open SPSS on my Mac when using Big Sur OS?

If you are currently using Big Sur operating system (OS)  on your Mac you may experience problems when trying to open or install SPSS. 

If you have already SPSS installed and then upgraded your OS to Big Sur, SPSS will continue to work as normal. 

To install a new version of SPSS while using Big Sur please follow the steps below. 

Make sure that SPSS has been installed to the default directory which is

If you have installed SPSS to a different location please uninstall and then reinstall making sure to leave the directory set to the default of /Applications/IBM/SPSS/Statistics/26/

Then you will need to download a SPSS Fix file.

  • Close SPSS if it is open
  • Log into MyBeckett
  • Select the Files tab
  • Click on Web Files link
  • Log in with your student c number and MyBeckett password
  • In Webfiles you will see a link to the S Drive on the left hand side, click this to expand the folder
  • Click on the Shared folder, then Software folder, next click Mac OSX and then SPSS Folder
  • Download file SPSS_Statistics_Client_26_Mac_FP002(BigSur).pkg by right-clicking and selecting Download

Once the file has downloaded right-click the .PKG file and select Open. 

Once the installation has finished it will then open the License Authorization Wizard.
Ensure that you select Authorised User Licence
and then enter the provided license key. 

You can find the full steps for completing the License Authorization Wizard at How do I update my SPSS Licence? 

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