Why is a video playing when clicking on to my module, stopping me from accessing content?

Please use Google Chrome if you experience an issue while accessing MyBeckett via Safari browser (MacBook/iOS).

This should resolve the following problems:

  1. Being unable to view module content due to a Panopto video playing
  2. A sign in pop-up blocking you from viewing your module content
  3. Being unable to scroll past the embedded Panopto video.

This behaviour has only been reported as happening when using the Safari browser, please use Chrome.

If you are still experiencing the issue after changing your browser please try the following steps.

Steps to try for MAC/iOS users:

On a MAC: To change Third-Party cookies:

1. From the menu bar click on Safari and then Preferences

2. Privacy and untick the tick box Prevent cross-site tracking

For iOS 10.3.2 and iOS 11 devices

  1. Go to Settings
  2. Safari
  3. iOS 10.3.2: Set Block Cookies to Always Allow   
  4. iOS 11:  Make sure Prevent Cross-Site Tracking is toggled off

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