How do I use Microsoft Sway?

The following FAQ provides information on how to log into Sway, a brief introduction to Sway and, if using for assessment, how to share your Sway.

How do I log into Sway?

The quickest way to access Sway is via MyBeckett. Go to the Library & Student IT card and click on Office 365 Portal link, this will launch in your browser.


Click onto the App grid (waffle icon top left).

Microsoft 365 Apps


Sway is also accessed via Microsoft 365 apps direct in your browser and/or download the mobile app to your mobile device. Log in using your student email and password.

What is Sway?

Sway is a digital storytelling app that makes it easy to create visually striking presentations, newsletters, and personal stories to share with others. Just add your content, and let Sway do the rest.  

Create vibrant stories even while on the go

Easily add text and images to your presentation, newsletter, or blog right from your mobile device. You can also snap and add new photos to your digital creation with your built-in camera.

Get to striking designs in just a few minutes

Sway’s design engine instantly puts all your content together into a nice, cohesive layout. Choose from multiple designs in the Layout gallery, customize it to add finishing touches, and you’re ready to go.

Pick up wherever you left off

Sways automatically sync through the cloud, so you can edit or view all your Sways across different devices. Use your Office 365 account to get started.

Share your Sways with a simple link 

It's super easy to share a Sway. Family, friends, classmates, and colleagues can see your digital creation just by clicking on your Sway link. The best part? Sway dynamically adapts to look great on every screen. 

Want to learn more about Sway? Visit Microsoft's help & learning site

Share a Sway for assessment

Choose the setting 'Anyone with this link' can view this Sway, before sharing for assessment.  This will be viewed by your lecturers and moderators for marking.  Please see this FAQ for more.

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