What is Turnitin ETS e-rater?

ETS e-rater is a grammar feedback tool that your tutors may switch on for individual Turnitin assignments. It provides automatically generated feedback about spelling, grammar, usage, mechanics and style.

How do I know if ETS e-rater is on?

If ETS e-rater is on, there will be an e-rater by ETS icon when you open your submission in Turnitin Feedback Studio. This is a purple icon that says ETS.

It may take up to one minute for the ETS e-rater feedback to load.

How do I view e-rater feedback?

Click the e-rater by ETS icon to view a summary of feedback under each of the e-rater categories, which may include grammar, spelling, style, mechanics, and usage.

The number next to each category indicates how much automated feedback the e-rater tool has generated for your submission.

Sections of the document may also be highlighted in purple, to indicate where the e-rater feedback is relevant. There will be a label next to each piece of highlighted text. You can click on the label for more information.

If your tutor has provided any additional comments on the e-rater feedback, there will also be a speech bubble icon. You can click on the speech bubble to view their comments.

What is the ETS e-rater handbook?

When you click on a piece of e-rater feedback, there will be a link that says View Handbook

You can click View Handbook to open the Turnitin writer's handbook, to better understand your e-rater feedback. 

Why don't I have any ETS e-rater feedback?

There are a few reasons why you might not have any e-rater feedback:

  • Your tutor may not have enabled ETS e-rater for your assignment.
  • There is a 64,000 character limit for ETS e-rater (this includes spaces and other special characters). Submissions that exceed this limit will not receive a grammar checking report.

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