Can I use Mendeley "Reference Manager" and Mendeley Cite


Using the Mendeley Reference Manager cite tool Mendeley Cite. There are two options.


1. Using Mendeley Cite with Word Online with a personal account:

Sign up for a personal account with Microsoft Office online ( -- this is free to use

Install Mendeley Cite through Microsoft Appsource ( -- you will need to be signed in with your personal account, not your LBU one.

On the page after it is installed, there will be a blue button that says open in Word. Don't click on this as it doesn't work with how the university has configured the Desktop version, instead click on "Try using Office Online" in the paragraph below. It will then take you through to a page where the blue button says "Open in Word Online"-- click this.

This will then take you through to a page to launch the add in-- you will need to click on "trust this add-in" on the button on the right. You can then use the Mendeley Cite tool within your personal version of Word Online

2. Using Mendeley Web with Word's built-in citation tool

If you are unable to install the Mendeley plug-in in Word (Mendeley Cite-O-Matic or Mendeley Cite), it is possible to use the built-in citation tool within Word to insert references from your Mendeley Web library.

First export your references from your Mendeley Web Library:

  • Open your Mendeley Web Library.
  • Select the references you want to export.
  • From the options at the bottom of the screen, select Export and then Microsoft Word (*.xml).

Next import your references into the Microsoft Word Citation Manager:

  • Go to “References” and in the 'Citations and Bibliography' section, click on Manage Sources.
  • Click on Browse, navigate to the file you just downloaded and click on OK.
  • Your references will appear in the left hand pane. Select the reference(s) you wish to use and click on Copy, so they appear in the right hand pane.
  • Click on Close.

Insert references into your document:

  • In the 'Citations and Bibliography' section, click on Insert Citation.
  • Select your reference from the list.

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