I'm trying to access Discover via Google Chrome but faced with a system error message?

There are two occasional Discover error messages that stem from acessing Discover via Google Chrome, whilst signed into a personal Google account:

1. You may see a system error message, below, when trying to access Discover via their Chrome browser.

System error

To immediately resolve use an alternate internet browser such as Edge or Firefox. To fix for Chrome see the advice below.

2. You may find that Discover doesn't load properly and keeps spinning when trying to access resources:

Discover search not loading

Both issues (1 & 2) are caused by being signed into a personal Google account/profile whilst searching Discover.

To fix:

  1. Close and relaunch chrome, if not resolved 
  2. Change to a different Google profile.

Click on your current Google account person/profile icon (top right-hand corner) and either select 'Guest' or 'Add':

'Guest': you will see a blank window where you can then search Discover (copy & paste this web address: https://leedsbeckett.on.worldcat.org/discovery)

'Add' will create a new permanent profile and either 'Sign in' (use your Leeds Beckett email and University password) or 'Continue without an account'.  Please try this new profile for searching Discover.

If an error with Discover still persists you will need to 'Add' a profile and sign in with your Leeds Beckett email & password as above.  Then:

  1. Click on the person/profile icon in the top right
  2. Click on the key symbol
    google account guest
  3. This takes you to a 'Settings' page. On the left click 'Advanced' --> Reset and Clean Up
  4. Click 'Restore settings to their original defaults' > 'Reset Settings'
    Chrome reset and clean up

If the problem persists, try 'incognito'. It may be a local issue with the device you are using, so if possible try to access Discover on another device. Please contact us if you cannot solve this issue or if you need advice.

If you are working on a chromebook, and have no other device, you will need to 'Add person' (bottom of login screen) with your student email.  Use your regular pass word.  When it launches it will say no gmail account, but you still have access to chrome.  Now please try and access Discover. 


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