Why am I getting an error 404 page for a Wiley book review from Discover?

If you get an Error 404 page (below) on the Wiley platform when trying to access an article on Discover, it might be because the title on Discover is different to that on the Wiley platform. This happens with book reviews where in Discover the title of the book is usually the title of the article but this doesn’t correspond with the review on the platform - which might just be called Review. This means the article does not directly link. 

To help users to find this item on Wiley they would need to make a note of the Journal Title, Year, Volume, Issue and Page Number of the item. They would then need to search for it on the platform (e.g. Journal of Sociolinguistics, 2002, Volume 6, Issue 4, Page 615) 

Wiley book review item record

1. To find the journal search in the search box then select Publications. You will see a list of publications.


2. Select the correct one then click on Browse and All issues. Find the correct Volume and Issue.


3. Then look for the page number. In this case the correct page number is for an item called Book Reviews

Wiley list of articles

4. Click on the title of the article or you can open the PDF.


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