How do I reduce the number of duplications in my Discover search?

Due to the high number of resources being fed into Discover from a multitude of suppliers, sometimes there can be resource duplications in your list of results.  Apologies for this, as it can make it tricky to ignore and pick the right option.  To help reduce, it depends what type of resource you are searching for:

  • Journal Articles

From your list of results, 'Group Related Editions' (top left of filter options) is on by default.  To lessen the duplications, click to turn it off - it will no longer be highlighted with a tick:

group related editions setting - greyed out so turned off


  • Books / eBooks

To reduce duplicated records when searching for books/ebook, we recommend leaving Group Related Editions turned on.  Instead from your list of results change the 'Sort' from the default 'Best Match' to 'Library':

sort options changed to library


If you notice that the total number of books don't add up correctly it might be there are duplicate records, so please also see this student FAQ: Why don't the total number of books returned in my Discover search add up?

We are working with our suppliers to find a permanent solution to the number of duplications present in Discover.  Please do continue to report any broken links to us, if you cannot access what you need or get in touch.


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