How do I filter by database before I search Discover?

In Discover you can filter by database before you search. 

Please note, sometimes it may be more appropriate to go directly to the database as there may be more functionality and your tutors may recommend a particular database for you to search. Individual databases can be searched for and accessed from the A-Z Databases page on the Library website.

This FAQ will show you have to filter by database before you search, see our FAQ How do I filter my search results by database? to see you how to filter once you have carried out a search.

  1. Select Advanced Search

Image of the homepage of the Discover search engine with Advanced Search option highlighted


  1. The databases that are selected to search are listed on the right hand side of the page

Advanced search page with databases listed


  1. Click on Select All in Group at the bottom of the list - this will deselect all the listed databases

Select All in Group button


  1. Select the databases you wish to search
  2. Click Save Changes

Save Changes button with selected databases


  1. Carry out your search - Discover will now only search the databases you have selected
  2. To remove the database filter click Reset on the Advanced Search page



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