Why has Office 365 stopped working?

If you are having trouble accessing your Office 365 subscription, please check the following:

Are you still a student?

In order to confirm that you are still a student at Leeds Beckett University, Office 365 must connect to the internet at least once every 30 days.  To get it working again, connect to the internet, and then open any Office 365 program.

You will also need to sign in again every six months after you have changed your university password.

For example, you can open Word and in the top right hand corner you will see either your initials or an option to sign in.
If it shows your initials, click on the icon and then sign out. 

When signing in again ensure you use your student email address and MyBeckett password.

Have you left the University?

The Office 365 scheme is only valid whilst you are a student with Leeds Beckett University.  Normally, once you leave the University, your accounts expire.  For most IT accounts; student email, Office 365, MyBeckett etc... this happens on 1 of 3 dates, depending on when you leave, either 31 January, 31 May or 30 September.

If neither of these questions apply to you, or you are still having problems accessing your Office 365 subscription, please contact us as there may be a technical problem with your subscription.

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