How do I enable 'related terms' in my Discover search?

You can often widen your Discover search to retrieve more results, by enabling 'related terms' (it is turned off by default).  On the left-hand side under 'Refine This Search' toggle on 'Expand search with Related Terms'.


A 'related term' is a recognised word or phrase that is similar to your keyword (e.g. if your keyword is Construction then the following related terms would also be searched for at the same time: Engineering / Building / Architecture).

Not all search results can be increased by toggling on 'related terms'.  If you want the option to increase results consider using search strategies in options 1 or 2 below:

1. via the basic Discover keyword search add 'AND' in between your search words: e.g. construction AND skills AND shortage



2. via Advanced Search. Change the Search Index to 'Keyword' and ensure the Operator is set to 'AND'

Then toggle on 'Expand Search with Related Terms.

You can see which related terms are included in the results by clicking the 'include related terms' link. If you decide that these aren't relevant to your needs, you can then click on 'Only search for...'.

  • Some alternative Discover search strategies do not offer value by enabling the option to 'Expand Search with Related Terms' - toggle on/off to check.  It provides extra results (by searching related terms) when using the 2 methods above.

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