How do I change my calendar settings in MyBeckett?

In MyBeckett, you have access to a calendar which displays all events and due dates from multiple modules in one location.

Calendar menu option, which has a picture of a calendar

This is not your timetable, which you can access via the MyBeckett homepage (please note that not all students have a timetable, as this depends on your mode of study, more information is available in our FAQ about how to view timetables).

What is in my MyBeckett calendar?

All due dates and meetings created in your modules will appear automatically on the calendar.

You can also add events to your personal calendars, which is only visible to you.

How do I change my calendar settings?

You can select the Calendar Settings icon (this looks like a cog) at the top right of the Calendar page to select the calendars you want to see.

Calendar Settings icon, which looks like a cog

For example, you may wish to untick any modules that you have already passed, so that you don't see the due dates and meetings for that module.

Calendar Settings list, where you can select the calendars that you want to display

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