How do I get a Turnitin assignment submission receipt?

We advise all students to download a digital receipt in case your lecturer asks for proof of your submission later.

This can be printed/saved at the time of submission or afterwards if you forget.

Turnitin digital submission receipt acknowledging that Turnitin has received the assignment. The receipt shows the Submission author; Assignment title; Submission title; File name; File size; Page count; Word count; Character count; Submission date and Submission ID.


You can follow the steps below or watch the following video guide.

To do this at the time of submission via Turnitin, you should immediately see a green status bar at the top of the screen containing a link to download your digital receipt.


After downloading, we recommend saving or printing a copy by clicking Print and Save as a PDF at the time of submitting but you can download a digital receipt as proof later too.


To Download a Digital Receipt Anytime After Submitting:

  1. Enter the module where you submitted your assignment.
  1. Click on assignment title to open the Assignment Dashboard.


  1. Click the digital receipt icon to the right of your submission.



  1. The file downloads automatically. When you open it to view or print your receipt, it will open as a PDF.
  1. Look for the printer icon and print or save it in another place on your device to make it easier to locate if needed later.

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