How do I view the International Students' Academic Induction Module?

  1. In MyBeckett, scroll down to the red 'International Students' card and click 'International Student Academic Induction'



  1. The module Introduction page will open:



  1. You need to indicate your school before you can view module content. Scroll down until you see the 'Identify Your School' box.  You can follow the instructions there to join the Group for your school, or watch a guidance video:

  1. You might see a message saying "There is no content to display."  This is because the module content is not stored within the Group area.  To see module content, scroll up and click on 'Week 1' under 'Weekly Content' in the menu on the left.  If 'Week 1' shows no content, please click 'Module Content' at the bottom of the menu.  You may need to log out and log back in to MyBeckett.


Note: Due to university data feeds updating, it can take up to 24hrs after first being able to access MyBeckett before you can also access the international module.

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