How do I place a reservation on an eBook on VLeBooks?

If you are unable to access a VLeBook online, it usually means that the maximum user limit has been reached at that time. It is possible to electronically reserve the item so that you receive an alert once the book is available. Users can reserve up to 10 VLeBooks at a time. 

  1. Click on the 'Read Online' icon. If the maximum number of users has been reached, a pop-up will appear stating that no licenses are available. If you wish to reserve the title, please enter your student email address and click 'Reserve'



  1. When the book is available, you will be notified by email that the book is now available to access. The title is reserved for 4 hours. You must access the book in this time for priority access. If you access after 4 hours, there is no guarantee of access, and you may need to reserve it again. 

  1. To access your reservation, you can either search for the title again through Discover, or log into the VLeBooks platform directly. When you are logged in, a pop-up notification will appear to confirm the reservation is available. 


  1. Click 'Confirm' and 'Read Online' if you have searched for the title directly on Discover. If you have accessed via the VLeBooks platform, navigate to the left-hand dashboard and select 'My Bookshelves' and 'My Reservations'. 


  1. You can review all reserved items, view full details, and read online to access the available title. 


  1. If you no longer require access to the title, you can select Remove. This will remove the reservation period off your account. 
  2. Your reservation on the title will expire if you have viewed the ‘read online’ option and then click out the book or close the browser. If multiple users use the book, you will no longer be able to access and will need to request another reservation. 

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