How do I view my marks and feedback for Inspera exams?

If you have taken an exam using Inspera, your course team will let you know when and how you can access your marks and feedback.

To access marks and feedback released within Inspera

  1. Log into Inspera with the username and password that you used for your exam.
  • If you used your standard University username and password, click the Leeds Beckett University Student Login button.
  • If you used a different username and password provided for the purpose of your exam, click the ...or with registered user option.
  1. Click the Archive tab.

  2. Find your exam.
  3. Click See more details.

  4. Click View without downloading or Download as PDF.
  5. You may also see an option to view your candidate report if your lecturer has enabled this setting. 

If you have finished a test but the results have not appeared, you may need to reopen the test and click Submit Now. You will not be able to change your answers if the test time has run out.

If you don't see any of these options, it may be that marks and feedback have not been released yet, or that these are being released in a different way. Please check with your course team.

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