How do I reference my use of generative artificial intelligence (AI) tools such as Grammarly or ChatGPT?



When you use or refer to information created by generative artificial intelligence (AI) tools such as ChatGPT, DALL-E or Google Bard, you must acknowledge this in your work by citing it correctly. You should also acknowledge any use of generative AI tools to assist with your work, for example, in helping with planning, creating an initial structure or generating ideas, graphs, formulas or code.

Leeds Beckett Harvard

You can find details of how to acknowledge and cite your use of generative AI output in the “Citing sources in your work” section of Quote, Unquote Online


Please refer to the guidance produced by the APA on How to Cite ChatGPT.


OSCOLA has yet to release official guidance for citing generative AI.  We suggest that you use the format for personal communications in the interim.

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