Inspera exam troubleshooting quick guide

Before exam day

  • Have you checked that the Inspera exam software is working on your computer? Take a demo / practice test to make sure, and if you encounter any problems please seek technical support via the contact details on the right of this page in plenty of time before your exam day. We also have a guide to Inspera error messages that may help you to resolve any issues.

On the day of your exam

  • Do you know the exam pin? Your course team will have provided this. You will need the pin in order to start the exam.
  • Have you closed other apps that are running in the background on your computer? If Inspera detects prohibited processes running in the background, use the Task Manager (Windows) or Activity Monitor (Mac) to manually close any other apps that are running in the background. Some apps may flag up as a security device violation.
  • Issues logging in with MFA or your password? Please seek technical support via the contact details on the right of this page. 
  • Is your web cam working correctly? Make sure you are not sitting in front of a bright light / window or the web cam may not let you take your picture during the security checks.
  • What if my internet connection is temporarily interrupted? Inspera will keep recording via your web cam, and your work will be uploaded when you reconnect and submit your exam. 
  • What if Inspera freezes/closes? If Inspera freezes or closes please reload the software. You will need to complete the security checks and enter a pin to continue your exam. Your course team will provide this.
  • Why would a student constantly unable to proceed in the exam? Check they have closed all applications and programmes that maybe running in the background. Also, worth checking Chrome Browser Extensions too - antivirus software such as AvastBrowser.exe has been identified as preventing a student repeatedly (this is a web tracking prevention tool).

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