What is Libkey Nomad and how do I install it?

Libkey Nomad is a browser extension that can provide instant links to full text articles (via Leeds Beckett Library) as you research on the web. For example if you hit a paywall on a publisher website, a Libkey icon will appear if we provide access.

To install:

Go to LibKey Nomad website, scroll down and click on your choice of browser.

For example in Chrome click 'Add to Chrome' then 'Add extension'.

Select Organization, 'Leeds Beckett University', a 'Library selection saved' message will appear, meaning it has been successfully installed.

Libkey Nomad is now installed, click on 'extensions' top bar in chrome to pin it (not essential).

A green teardrop symbol 'Download PDF - Leeds Beckett University' icon will appear if an article is available, whilst researching.

If there is a similar green teardrop icon stating 'Access Options - Leeds Beckett University' please also click as there may be access.

Please note if using Google Chrome and signed in to your Leeds Beckett University account, you may see an error message when trying to install.  To remedy, please sign out of Google Chrome.

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