How do I access journal articles and databases?

You can access journal articles and database resources using Discover, the library search engine, and the Resources page on the library website. If you are looking for a specific journal or databases, you can use our A-Z lists to find the one you are looking for.

To find our A-Z lists of journals and databases:
1.    Go to the Resources page on the library website.
2.    Select Journals or Databases
3.    The Databases link will take you straight to the A-Z list where you can search for the Database you need. For the A-Z list of Journals, please then select Ejournals A-Z to search for journal titles.

Please note that some databases have their own unique login details, and if needed instructions will be detailed in the description section of the database.
We subscribe to some journal titles in print. You can use Discover to search for print titles by using the filter options “Journal, Magazine” and both “Sheila Silver Library” and “Headingley Library” on the left-hand side of the page in your search results.

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