Why can't I view my Discover search results properly when I magnify / zoom the page?

If you magnify / zoom the page using browser based tools when searching Discover, the header can obscure the search results.

At 400% zoom, the sticky page header covers most of the page, making it hard to view your search results. Additionally, the chat icon partly covers the 'Sign In' link in the header. Searching when zoomed to 300% severely restricts the results view.

If you have access to the Zoomtext or Supernova magnification software these can be used to zoom into Discover rather than using the browser based zoom functions. Alternatively, refer to the FAQ How can I magnify the screen using operating system settings? for free magnification tools in Windows and Mac OS. These tools enlarge all content on screen and enable you to view the search results at your chosen zoom level without the header getting in the way (move your cursor to the area of the page you want to view). 

Apologies, this is a known issue. We have raised this with the provider as a matter of urgency and they have advised that it will be fixed by January 2025 at the latest. We will continue to press them for an earlier resolution date.

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