What is Error 7002 when I try to launch SPSS 28 (PC)?

When you attempt to launch SPSS 28, you may encounter the following error:

Error 7002

There appears to be a license for SPSS for Windows, but it is invalid.

This command not executed.

Specific symptom number: 26


SPSS has detected that your computer's system date and time has not been set correctly. You should correct the system date and time and try again. To do this you must be logged on to your computer as the Administrator:

1. Right click on the time displayed in the Notification Area at the bottom of the screen

2. Select the Adjust Date/Time option

3. Click on Change date and time…

4. Change the settings to the correct date and time

5. Check that the time set is correct to GMT London standard.

6. Click on OK to finish

7. Try to launch SPSS again.

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