What is Error 101 (PC)?

I am attempting to license my SPSS application by entering the authorisation code in the SPSS License Authorisation Wizard. When I submit the license request, I encounter the following error:

Error 101

You have not been authorised to receive a license.

Please make sure the Authorisation Code is entered correctly.


SPSS has processed your license request and determined the submitted authorization code is not valid.

You should ensure the authorization code is entered correctly and submit the request again. If you copied and pasted the authorization code from an email, make sure that there are no trailing spaces at the end of the authorization code. The authorization should not be entered with dashes.

If this fails:

1. Go to the SPSS folder e.g. c:\Program Files\SPSS

2. Locate and remove the file LSERVRC.

3. Reopen SPSS and re-enter the authorization code

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