Why can't I see my module content in MyBeckett?

Your modules are listed on the Modules tab in MyBeckett, under My Modules.

Can't see your modules?

If you can't see your modules, first check that you've completed all tasks in the Welcome system. If you haven't, there's a good chance that MyBeckett won't have been told which course you're on, so it doesn't know which modules to display.

If you've done that and nothing changes within 2 hours, please contact your Student Administrator, who can investigate your enrolments in the University student record system (Banner). If you don’t know who your Student Administrator is, please ask your tutor.

Having trouble viewing your module material in MyBeckett?

This could be because:

  1. Your tutor hasn't updated the module yet - You will need to contact them and tell them that you are unable to view any content so that they can make it available for you.
  2. You may be attached to the wrong version of the module - The content you are trying to view might be in a different module, so if this is the case you can get yourself put onto the correct one by contacting your course administrator.

If you've tried all of the above and are still having trouble, please contact us. Our contact details are at the top right of this page.

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