How long can I borrow books for as a disabled student?

To borrow books you can use the Reservations Service or, you can browse the shelves and issue books at the self-service kiosks.  

Standard items are issued for a week, and will automatically renew for up to 52 weeks. Students registered with Disability Advice have a protected initial loan period of 3 weeks, during which time the Library will not ask you to return the book.  

You will only be asked to return an item:

  • If the item is requested by another user placing a reservation on it (after the initial 3 week loan period).
    • If this happens we will contact your University email address to request the return of the item.
    • You will have 7-days in which to return the item before it becomes overdue.
  • If it has reached the maximum loan period of 52 weeks.
  • You are leaving Leeds Beckett University and your account expires.

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