Is there software I can use to automatically transcribe interviews?

Microsoft Word Online

The Microsoft Word web app has a built in transcription tool.  You need to be logged into with your Leeds Beckett username and password to access the Word web app.  This function is not currently available on the desktop version of Word. 

The transcription tool can transcribe live audio or you can upload a pre-recorded audio file.  Once the transcript has been created you can edit it if required.  No automated transcription is 100% accurate so you will need to check the transcript against the audio and correct any errors.  Full instructions are available on the Microsoft Office Transcribe your recordings webpage.

Please note: There is a maximum limit for transcriptions of 300 minutes per month for all students. 

Dragon NaturallySpeaking

Dragon NaturallySpeaking is speech recognition software which is designed to transcribe the speech of a single speaker.  Whilst it is not designed to transcribe more than one speaker (as in an interview) the manufacturer does provide information on how Dragon Naturally Speaking could be used to transcribe interviews.

Dragon NaturallySpeaking is not available on PCs in the Library. Disabled student you can book an appointment with the Library Disability Support Team to request a demonstration of Dragon Naturally Speaking to help you decide whether to get your own copy, or for support with using your own copy of the software. Students not registered with Disability Advice would need to purchase their own copy of the software in order to use it.

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