I’ve just done a QuickScan questionnaire. What do I do now?

Study Skills

For more information on study skills please see Skills for Learning

All Library computers have assistive software that can help you develop your study strategies. 

This Includes:

  • Mindmapping software:
    • Mindview
  • Study Skills software which includes text-to-speech and proofreading tools:
    • Texthelp Read & Write
  • Convert your documents to accessible formats:
    • SensusAccess

Visual Stress

If an eyetest for "Visual Stress" is recommended please contact Disability Advice for more information on disabilityadvice@leedsbeckett.ac.uk.

Dyslexia / Dyspraxia

If QuickScan has identified dyslexia or dyspraxia indicators we recommend that you arrange a diagnostic assessment with an Educational Psychologist.

The cost of a diagnostic assessment is around £300, the University may be able to pay for this; if eligible for this funding, you will be asked to contribute £50 to the total cost.

Please note: Funding for a diagnostic assessment is only available to students who are studying at a course intensity of at least 25% of the full time equivalent course. If you have any questions regarding eligibility, please contact Disability Advice.

The process of arranging a diagnostic assessment and any support that you might need while studying can take up to 12 weeks so please apply early.

To apply for funding, arrange a diagnostic assessment, or discuss reasonable adjustments

Please contact the Disability Advice team:


0113 812 5831


Please note:  QuickScan does not give a diagnosis of a Specific Learning Difficulty (SpLD): it only indicates if a further diagnostic assessment is recommended.  Reasonable adjustments cannot be provided based on the results of QuickScan, nor can you use a QuickScan report as evidence that you have a disability or Specific Learning Difficulty.

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